Celebrating 10 Years of Service

“Put Your Money Where the Miracles Are”


As we celebrate 10 years of ministry at Jordan Ranch, two words come to mind…Durability and Strength. The ministry at Jordan Ranch has been able to make an incredible impact in the Kingdom of God by ministering to the hearts and spirits of people in a way that increases their durability and strength. Jordan Ranch believes deeply in restoring, refreshing and recharging the leader in order to strengthen those that they lead. Whether it’s a marriage, a coach, or a pastor, we believe that if we can help the leader succeed we can help those they lead succeed. By ensuring the leader and their spouse are emotionally, physically, and spiritually healthy, we empower them to fulll their roles as fathers, mothers, coaches, pastors and business leaders. We call this type of ministry, the “Top Down Approach.” In the last 10 years, Jordan Ranch has made an impact in these areas:

  • 85,000 people have come through Jordan Ranch thru various types of events and programs.
  • 10,000 plus Fathers and Sons have participated in Intense Men (Texas Largest Father-Son Campout) – including 1,750 Baptisms and over 5,000 decisions for Christ
  • Over 700 marriages have been impacted through various marriage intensives and enrichment programs including organizations such as The Wounded Warrior Project, The Clearing, Helping Coaches Coach and others.
  • We have served over 1200 children and 400 single mom’s through our Boys and Girls Christmas Outreach at Jordan Ranch
  • In the last 2 years, we have served 100 Pastors and their spouses through our Refresh and Renew Retreats.


We are excited about what God has done in the last 10 Years, however we are more excited about the future and what God will accomplish here! Below is a graphic depicting the vision for Jordan Ranch for the next 10 years plus. First on the list is to build a Youth Barn that will enable us to minister to 100 youth per event. We believe that having a youth facility for housing, teaching and feeding a youth audience is essential in building the next generation of leaders. Our vision is to be able to teach leadership, character, and even vocational skills to our young people through summer programming for at-risk young people. We are currently working with school districts where we have access to many at risk students who need direction. It would be strategic to be able to take them to Jordan Ranch and work with them in the summer so as not to lose the momentum that was gained in the school year. With your financial support we plan to build a facility and implement the programming as soon as possible. These projects will help us to provide the programming and they will also enable Jordan Ranch to increase revenue which helps the organization be more economically viable.

In addition to the Youth Barn, the following projects are included in the vision:

  • 2nd Residential Bldg – to increase capacity and be able to accommodate larger groups. (Est. Cost – $4Mil)
  • Faith Lake Pavilion – to host picnics, family reunions (Estimated Cost – $50,000)