Tonight almost half of American children will go to bed without their father in the home. 85% of prisoners, 90% of teenage runaways, 71% of teen pregnancies, 71% of high school dropouts and 80% percent of rapist come from fatherless homes. This is a crisis.

 Jordan Ranch was birthed out of a need to restore men and teach them to father. This is what you give into when you partner with JR; the raising up of responsible mature men. Imagine the young men and women’s lives that you change when you give into a place that is dedicated to taking responsibility for the epidemic of fatherlessness.

The 2020 Vision is designed to impart and teach leaders the necessary tools and skills needed to raise up a generation, that breaks the curse of fatherlessness. Your heart and help are needed like never before. Join us in this great cause.


20/20 VISION